Make Lavender Eye Pillow Diy Yoga


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Make Lavender Eye Pillow Diy Yoga

Lavender Eye Pillow How To, What is an Eye Pillow? and Make Lavender Eye Pillow Diy Yoga Here is a do it yourself recipe for those who want to make their own lavender scented eye pillow.

The eye pillow is great for those who do yoga, have trouble falling asleep, and want to relax after a tiring work day. Various fragrant plant seeds are put in it and this is done by sewing with a fabric that will not harm the skin or organic. Lavender is a must for this pillow because the smell of the lavender plant is known to reduce stress and help to sleep. We all complain of busy work and stress. Lavender scent soothes us and reduces stress.


Lavender Eye Pillow Benefits

What is Lavender Eye Pillow?

Lavender yoga eye pillow essentially helps to reduce stress and then sleep (both block the light)
Calms the mind
Good for sinuses and headaches.
Can be used in the refrigerator to cool down as cold.
It facilitates the transition to sleep while sleeping.

As you can see, lavender eye pillow has many benefits. Especially those who consume caffeine or tea and coffee can have sleep problems, a very useful option for this. Yoga is already used for those who relax.

How to make lavender eye pillow yoga ?

Breathable inner lining
Outer sheath cotton (washable and preferably organic)
Lavender (available from herbal extracts)
 Flax seeds

First, the liner is cut and sewn into a rectangular eye cushion. It is then filled with lavender, flax seeds and rice. Then they are sewn to close all. Finally, it is covered with a sheath so that it is covered with a sheath. If you wish, you can choose a more colorful or a case with motto that will motivate you. Or you can take it straight and decorate it with fabric pens.

That’s how yoga eye pillow & lavender eye pillow are made. You can also sell it on the internet if you wish, but it is much more advantageous to do it yourself because it is very simple to make.
We hope you will benefit, we wish you a pleasant reading!

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